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Caveat Emptor – taking the fright out of purchasing land

Caveat emptor is the Latin phrase “Buyer Beware.” There are many great real estate agents locally. Why do I need a buyer broker for a land purchase? The easy answer is that you want someone knowledgeable to represent you. The other reason is that you don’t know if the listing agent is qualified to handle land. All real estate agents have friends and relatives that trust them, but do they have the knowledge and experience to disseminate that listing?

Sellers want the highest price and an agent they respect. Knowing the value of land includes the knowledge of zoning, soil, traffic patterns, site selection, demographics, sales statistics, topography, and much more.

Working with Bill Burruss III, you get an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC©) who has sold thousands of acres of timberland, farms, residential lots, recreational land, industrial tracts, and acreage for mixed-use and commercial developments throughout Central Virginia.

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Starting Over

Here I am approaching 70 and saying I’m “starting over.” I’ve represented about 60,000 acres of land, mostly timberland; but have also sold land that was zoned industrial, commercial, recreational, residential, and multi-use. After looking back and reviewing these years, I have felt truly blessed and humbled.

Starting Over is about a new blog and its format, revisiting past articles written for W. H. Burruss III Inc,, getting new people interested in “Selling Land, and Selling Central Virginia and Buying Land, Buying Central Virginia.” Above all, I hope that it is about wisdom and knowledge for those who want to follow this dirt road.

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